Find a New Orleans CPA

It’s important to choose a CPA carefully since he or she will work closely with you to ensure your business runs without a hitch and suffers no delays.

These are some titles given to a CPA in New Orleans: management accounting expert; financial planner; and, business consultant. In reality, the Certified Public Accountant is the legal title given to certified accountants in the United States who have passed the examinations for uniform CPAs and completed the state education and experience prerequisites for certification.

These certified accountants share their know-how and competence to help enhance the financial functions of corporate institutions, configure business deals for capital markets, assess fiscal information for decision-making, and manage benefit programs for employees. CPAs provide auditing services, advice in creating valuable accounting systems, and help enterprises in putting together management information design and data processing.

Sources of CPAs

If you want to find a CPA, your initial sources will be relatives, personal friends, business colleagues, finance professionals, small business entrepreneurs, and the local chamber of commerce. You can also check out the Louisiana Certified Public Accountants’ CPA locator service. This is an online facility initiated by the Society of Louisiana CPAs as a form of referral service for individual entrepreneurs and business firms looking for CPA firms in New Orleans.

New Orleans accountants, who aspire for CPA titles, are required to obtain 150 semester hours of university or college credits from an accredited educational institution. This school must be recognized by the Louisiana CPA State Board. Board regulations also state that these professionals must complete difficult and standardized national exams and comply with one-year experience requirements. This will be made under the supervision of a licensed accountant as compliance with the licensing requirements of Louisiana. Certified public accountants are also obligated to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education annually. There is a professional code of moral principles for all Louisiana certified accountants.

Qualifications of a CPA

The process of looking for qualified CPA in NOLA is not easy. Aside from the qualification, this financial expert must have the license to practice in the state and belong to prestigious professional associations. The different between certified public accountants and their counterparts who have not yet acquired licenses are the distinction of having passed strict licensing prerequisites and post-graduate qualifications. CPAs must be technically proficient in the various areas of accounting. Personality and communication proficiency are also the two traits that employers or clients usually look for in a certified public accountant. At the same time, there must be a harmonious relationship between the client and accountant since this can be a long-term engagement.

The CPA in LA usually base professional fees on the scope and work as well as the time or deadlines imposed by clients. You can always check out the current rates charged by any CPA in New Orleans. The expertise and previous experience of the consultant is also a basic consideration in determining fees. While the training and educational background of accounting professionals are relatively similar, there are still CPAs who will stand out in the industry. You have to make sure to hire the best one for the benefit of your business.

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