How to Find Very Capable Accountants for Start-Ups

Follow these tips to find a professional who can help you with the complex tax matters concerning your start-up.

Entrepreneurs need the best help to succeed in their respective business endeavors. That is why new enterprises should hire the right accountants for start-ups. These financial experts can help the business in four major areas:

  • Accountants for start-ups are very familiar with the business environment and provide assistance in the formulation of business plans. An accountant can give advice about tax matters, financial statements, insurance, and future expansion plans.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping are the primary responsibilities of accountants for start-ups. Accountants need to set-up the system even if the business owners maintain these records for occasional examination by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An effective structure enables you to monitor and assess profitability at any given time. Thus, it will be easy to change prices accordingly, look at expenses, see trends in pricing, and reduce fees for tax returns as well as financial statements.
  • These accountants for start-ups provide tax advice in the form of planning and compliance. Planning is meant to reduce tax loads while compliance is adherence to tax legislation.
  • Accountants for start-ups can also act as auditors. Auditing functions include preparation of financial statements and actual audits wherein the third party makes the assurance that all financial information is absolutely accurate.
How to Find Very Capable Accountants for Start-Ups

How do you choose accountants for start-ups?

Try to obtain referrals from your bank, lawyer or business peers. There are also organizations of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) that can give you recommendations.

Opt for CPAs since these accountants have acquired board certification, professional experience and proficiency. All these add value to your company. Basic tasks such as overall financial management, bookkeeping and tax preparation may not entail the use of certified or chartered accountants. Nonetheless, it is still advisable to hire certified accountants for start-ups.

Find accountants with appropriate expertise. For instance, an enterprise that utilizes cloud software should employ an accountant with competence in cloud computing. Or, select an accountant with knowledge of retail planning if you happen to be in said sector. This financial specialist must also be familiar with your industry along with unique requirements of your business. Accountants for start-ups must be able to cope with your multiple requirements and developing needs.

The accountant must have a personality and style that fits into your own. Make sure to evaluate their competence and capacity to cope with different situations in your industry. Inquire about their hourly or monthly retainer fees. Charging for accounting services vary in each state. Get an estimate of the total cost so you can allocate a budget for this service. Accountants for start-ups who charge by the hour are more experienced and work faster. However, such a scheme is quite expensive compared to monthly fees.

Create a short-list of prospects. See to it that you interview candidates personally and not just over the phone. Seek out recommendations from colleagues who are in the same business as you are. Accountants for start-ups should provide references from their previous clients.

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