What do Accountants Do?

Accounting departments in companies perform a variety of important tasks to keep the firm running smoothly.

The work of certified accountants’ deals with special fields such as computing the costs of labor services and materials, formulating budgets, calculating taxes, maintaining and making an analysis of financial statements, preparing payroll records, auditing, and providing financial advice for corporate organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities of Accountants

An accountant has the moral responsibility of exercising transparency and fulfilling its commitment to clients, company stakeholders, credit facilities, and financial regulatory agencies. It is also the job of this financial professional to help in preserving the integrity of the financial marketplace. The CPA is liable for the legitimacy of any financial report that he or she works on. Moreover, these experts are expected to accomplish their obligations in harmony with prevailing accounting practices and regulations.

Most of New Orleans accountants usually spend their time examining different accounting documentation. A typical work day calls for collating receipts (credit cards, checks and cash) and balancing accounts receivables. On the other hand, those who are in-charge of accounts payable monitor funds earmarked for supplies and services or introduce cost-cutting recommendations for the evaluation of management. Business accountants also assess balance sheets and income statements. These statements are used to compare the present financial performance of a company to prior years.

Tax Accountants

Tax accountants are held responsible for computation of taxes and keep records of the assets and sales of a particular enterprise. In accounting, all liabilities and expenses (salaries, rental payments and office supplies) are subtracted from these assets. The difference equals net income and used as basis for the firm’s total tax liabilities. This information is recorded in the income statement. Budget preparation is also part of accounting services. Inputs are obtained from the different departments and sent to the financial specialists who determine the necessary expenses and take care of computations.

Public Accountants

There are public accountants who are engaged in auditing, tax preparation and consulting chores. Part of their work includes preparation of monetary documents for public disclosure and includes tax documents as well as balance sheet reports that certain corporations are required to give to prospective investors. Certain public certified accountants focus on tax issues and serve as advisers for business entities on income tax, tax incentives and related concerns. For their part, management or cost accountants work on information that is meant for internal use by corporate managers. The work usually involves asset management, planning and selection of financial investments which include real estate, bonds and stocks. Internal auditors act as overseers of companies with regards to the management and disbursal of the organization’s finances. Their principal task is to ensure that company resources are not wasted or embezzled.

The CPA in New Orleans are bound to conform to the state board of accountancy and prescribed professional ethics espoused by these organizations to safeguard the public against deception, ineptitude and conflict of interest. All members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants are mandated to follow the institute’s norms of professional conduct. There is an existing statement of responsibilities in personal financial planning practice which serves as guide for affiliates of the AICPA.

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